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NASA releases gold-covered telescope putting the Hubble to shame

Saturday, April 30th, 2016


NASA has finally unveiled the giant successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb, which is equipped with a collapsible honeycomb-like mirror made of 18 gleaming, gold-covered pieces.

Scheduled to be launched in 2018, the $10 billion tennis-court-sized telescope is the result of a joint effort involving NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.

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Ball Aerospace optical technician Scott Murray inspects the first gold primary mirror segment. (Image provided by NASA)

Each coffee table-sized mirror segment, weighing roughly 46 pounds (21kg), is made from beryllium and is coated with a fine film of vaporized gold to optimize the reflection of infrared light.

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Rendering of the James Webb Space Telescope. (Image by Northrop Grumman | NASA )

The James Webb telescope has been described as a ‘time machine’ that could help unravel the secrets of our cosmos.

Unlike The Hubble, the new instrument will look in the infrared part of the spectrum, instead of capturing visible light. This will allow it to better see through clouds of gas and dust, where stars are being born, which should give us a view farther back to the beginning of the universe.

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Standing tall and glimmering gold inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s clean room in Greenbelt, Maryland (Image provided by NASA)

Once launched, the James Webb will be the world’s biggest and most powerful telescope, capable of peering back 200 million years after the Big Bang.

Learn more about The James Webb telescope in the video below:

Henry Sapiecha


Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Police in Papua New Guinea say at least three miners have been killed after a disturbance at the Porgera gold mine site in Enga province.

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They say the trouble started when a mobile police squad was deployed to the mine to investigate the deaths of two illegal miners who fell into a pit.

PNG’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations Simon Kauba says a confrontation took place when officers arrived.

“There was this confrontation from the illegal miners, those who were with those two who were deceased, and so they were dispersing them, and in the process may have been hurt, and later we found out one or two other people died from the confrontation,” he said.

Mr Kauba says extra police have been sent to the mine, which remains temporarily closed.

“[The] situation is not looking good but it is brought under control,” he said.

“We are sending in extra reinforcements so that we can allow the normal situation to come back and also allow the mine to operate at the normal rate.”

Barrick Niugini Limited, the Canadian company that owns the mine, says “no security staff were reported to have taken part in the incident resulting in the fatality.”

In separate incidents two mine personnel were attacked and injured by groups of illegal miners, Barrick said in a statement.

Spokesman Greg Walker says the company had earlier asked for police help to remove illegal miners who were massing in large numbers at the mine’s open pit area.

The company says it is investigating the incident and its causes.


Henry Sapiecha

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