This week will get off to a slower start, with the US market being closed for Presidents’ Day on Monday. However, the FX markets are open, and with the next repayment deadline for Greece looming on the horizon, there is plenty of room for movement.

As traders, this has been on the horizon for a while, and as such, we feel the market is a little headline “punch drunk” but any material deterioration in the Greek situation may prompt a sharp reaction.

As a result, we continue to hold our Euro/Swiss position, which remains in good profit. In terms of other positions, our holdings in the US oil fund ETF are performing well and we will be looking to adjust the risk management on this trade. Additionally, we have entered into a seasonal position on Soy Bean oil too. Our sugar trade resulted was stopped out for a small loss.

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8:00pm (TAS, NSW, VIC, ACT)
7:30pm (SA)
6.30 (NT)
7.00 pm (QLD)
5:00pm (WA)


11:00pm (TAS, NSW, VIC, ACT,)
9:30pm (NT)
10:30 (SA)
10:00pm (QLD)


6:00pm (TAS, NSW, VIC, ACT,)
5:00pm (QLD)
4:30 (NT)
5:30pm (SA)
3:00pm (WA)


Hope to see your name on the list of attendees 🙂

Andrew Baxter

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