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Monday, October 24th, 2011


Carbon is the fourth-most-abundant element in the universe and comes in a wide variety of forms, called allotropes, including graphite, graphene, and the hardest natural material known to man, diamonds. Now scientists have discovered a new form of carbon that is capable of withstanding extreme pressure stresses previously only observed in diamond. Unlike crystalline forms of carbon such as diamonds, whose hardness is highly dependent upon the direction in which the crystal is formed, the new form of carbon is amorphous meaning it could be equally strong in all directions.

A team including scientists from Stanford University and the Carnegie Institution for Science started with a form of carbon called glassy carbon. Glassy carbon was first synthesized in the 1950s and was found to combine glassy and ceramic properties with those of graphite, including high temperature resistance, hardness, low density, low electrical resistance, low friction and low thermal resistance. To create the new carbon allotrope, the team compressed glassy carbon to above 400,000 times normal atmospheric pressure.

The resultant new form of carbon was capable of withstanding the types of pressure stress that no other substance other than diamond had been able to withstand. It was able to withstand 1.3 million times normal atmospheric pressure in one direction while confined under a pressure of 600,000 times atmospheric levels in another direction.

Because, unlike diamonds, the structure of the new allotrope is not organized in repeating atomic units, it may hold potential advantages over diamonds. Whereas a diamond’s hardness is highly dependent on the orientation of its crystalline structure, the new material is amorphous, meaning its structure lacks the long-range order of crystals offering the prospect that the new material could be isotropic – that is, having equally strong hardness in all directions. If this turns out to be the case, it could be better suited to certain applications than diamonds.

“These findings open up possibilities for potential applications, including super hard anvils for high-pressure research and could lead to new classes of ultradense and strong materials,” said Russell Hemley, director of Carnegie‘s Geophysical Laboratory.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Various articles on commodities from mining magazine

$25 million spent in Albania by Tirex Resources going a long way

Receives unanimous community support for mining permit applicationsSubmits all required mining application documentation

New Gold goes all-in at Blackwater

Vancouver – New Gold (NGD-T, NGD-N) has put pen to paper with two B.C.-focused junior gold explorers holding land near the company’s most recent acquisition, the Blackwater gold-silver project, located 150 km southwest of Prince George.

La Ronge Gold Corp Announces a Private Placement

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Oct. 18, 2011) – La Ronge Gold Corp. – (TSX VENTURE:LAR) (the “Company”) announces it will undertake a private placement (the “Placement”) consisting of 1,600,000 flow-through units (the “FT Units…

Pebble to challenge borough ordinance in Alaska Superior Court

VANCOUVER, Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – By a narrow 280 – 246 (53 – 47%) margin, voters in Southwest Alaska’s Lake & Peninsula Borough have supported a ballot measure that, if upheld by the courts, would restrict future development that affects more than one square mile of land within the 31,000 square mile borough. The Pebble Limited Partnership (the “Pebble Partnership” or “PLP”) and the State of Alaska view the initiative sponsored by anti-Pebble activists as unconstitutional and unenforceable because it seeks to restrict development of state-owned resources on state lands through a municipal ordinance, and will challenge it in Alaska’s Superior Court.

Northern Vertex announces $12.65 million non-brokered private financing

VANCOUVER, Oct. 18, 2011 /CNW/ – Northern Vertex Capital Inc. (TSXV: NEE) (“Northern Vertex”) is pleased to announce a Non-Brokered private placement (the “Private

Alaska voters say no to gold, copper mine 1:58 am APNews

Voters of a small southwest Alaska borough narrowly passed a measure blocking a proposed gold and copper mine that conservationists said would have threatened one of the world’s premier wild salmon fisheries in a local election that gained national…

Barkerville Gold Mines intercepts 21.5 meters (70.5 feet) of 9.97 g/T (0.291 oz/t) gold including 2.8 meters (9.2 feet) of 52.0 g/T (1.516 oz/t) gold on Cow Mountain

Further to the news releases on the high grade VG-cosalite-quartz-pyrite zones discovered by the Company on Cow Mt. reported by the company respectively on June 27, July 26 and September 13, Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:BGM)(FRANKFURT:IWUB) (the “Company”) reports the more significant intercepts of drill results conducted on Cow Mt. recently.

Greens tying up Olympic Dam with new parliamentary inquiry, $30 billion project faces delays

News reports from Australia say BHP Billiton may face delays in getting approvals for its $30 billion Olympic Dam expansion, as Greens and other minor parties holding the balance of power in the South Australian Parliament push for an inquiry into the project. The legal agreement between BHP and the State Government will be introduced to parliament on Tuesday or Wednesday, but the Greens now want BHP Billiton officials to appear before a parliamentary committee to investigate the indenture legislation for the expansion. The project will create an open pit mine adjacent to the current Olympic Dam underground operation that would be the world’s biggest – trucks will haul overburden 24/7 for five to six years just to reach the ore body.

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