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Scrap Metal Value

A Warm Welcome to End of Waste Criteria for Scrap MetalsEC Decision Unlocks Scrap Metal Value

The European Commission’s recent decision that scrap iron, steel and aluminium should be classified as a product and not as waste will release the industry from waste-related red tape, says Eric Johnson from EUROMETREC.

As representatives of the European scrap metals industry, the Federation of European non-ferrous metal collectors, processors and recyclers (EUROMETREC), and the Federation of European ferrous metal collectors, processors and recyclers (EFR) welcomes the recent publication of the definitive legal text determining end of waste criteria for aluminium as well as iron and steel scrap.

We especially welcome the legal recognition of the value added by scrap recycling facilities in processing aluminium, iron and steel scrap to the quality set by the end of waste criteria. This is a legal recognition we have wanted for 20 years.

These criteria will give scrap recyclers the importance they deserve in supplying raw materials to industry, and will make Article 6 of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2008/98/EC on waste operational.

It will now be possible for aluminium, iron and steel scrap meeting the criteria to be regarded as a product rather than a waste, improving the common perception of scrap operators while relieving the scrap industry from waste related red-tape – such as the Annex VII required by the Waste Shipments Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006.

Product status for aluminium, iron and steel scrap will indeed be achieved once the criteria set out in Council Regulation No 333/2011 have been met. In practice this will mean that in order to be classified as a product, waste (post-consumer) aluminium, iron and steel will be required to undergo a recovery operation, and meet the purity level set out in the regulation.

Each consignment will need to be linked to a statement of conformity and the seller will be required to have a quality management system in place. Furthermore, the scrap operator will need to provide safety information upon request for the scrap metal which has ceased to be waste.

End of waste for aluminium, iron and steel scrap comes at a crucial point for the creation of the European recycling society as it will undoubtedly promote a resource efficient Europe under the framework of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

We are now expecting the end of waste criteria for scrap copper, waste paper and waste glass currently being reviewed by the EU Commission.

– Eric Johnson is the European affairs officer at EUROMETREC [European Non-Ferrous Collectors, Processors and Recyclers].

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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